In order to successfully create a consolidation in Forecast 5, there are some rules and tips to be followed:


The forecasts must all have the same start date and number of years.

The forecasts must be in the same state e.g. budget, actuals or what if.

If the forecasts contain different records in their record lists, the lists are merged into a consolidated record list. Record names and types that are the same will be combined. Variations of the same name, e.g. "Sales" and "Sale" will not consolidate.


During consolidation, for each record of each forecast, the record type, name and position in the list of records are compared with records already in the Consolidation to determine if it should be added to an existing record or treated as new.


Naming Conventions - Do not use numerals at the end of records as Forecast 5 looks to rename records when consolidating, of the same name but different record type by appending a 1, 2 or 3 etc, if there is already a 1 then this can cause problems.

Record names should not have the following symbols as SQL does not like them:  ‘ & 



Use a template for each forecast (copy no values)


The Main Bank Account Interest, Business Taxes and Dividends can be recalculated for the consolidated forecast.  


You can consolidate actuals and compare them against budget. You canalso compare projections against an original budget.

If figures in the consolidation do not look correct, check that each forecast is in balance. If they are not, run the Budget and System Recalcs (Found under utilities), then reopen the consolidation.