The annual subscription includes the provision of support to an end user, continued use of the product and access to updates and releases. You have access to the Forecast 5 Knowledge Base, available 24/7, to search for the solution. 

  • What Support Is Offered?  

Support is offered to address possible programme related functions not performing as expected and determining a work around or submitting it to development for correction. 

Forecast 5 or its authorised representatives will review and determine the nature of the problem. We will suggest a solution which may be one of the following;  

  • Upgrade to the latest release 

  • This is a bug and will be reviewed by development. 

  • This is a user issue and is addressed through training or consulting. 

  • External problems e.g. SQL network. Please refer to your providers. 

If a reseller is the first point of contact they are expected to ensure that the end user is running the latest version, confirm that the problem can be replicated in a new forecast and that it relates to how Forecast 5 operates, E.g. Values not being correctly calculated, calculations not working, a record type not functioning correctly, etc. 

If a problem occurs and the problem can be replicated, then it will be able to be addressed as part of the support contract. Please see below for more information: 


  • Data Corruption  

Forecast 5 stores all data in Microsoft SQL Databases. The database can be installed locally as “Local Database’ as SQL Express or full version and on a network installation of SQL.  

As data is stored inside your computer Forecast 5 cannot be responsible for any data corruption unless it can be replicated in a fresh environment. Possible causes of data corruption include Power surges, bad sectors on the disk, bad networks, virus and many other factors that are beyond the control of Forecast 5. We will review your data and determine if a fix is possible which will be charged at time and materials with a minimum of $200 for the first hour in advance. 

  • Installation  

Installation is not support. It is a service available for Forecast 5 including single computer, network and Microsoft SQL Server installations. These are available on request. Upgrading to the latest version is necessary as a manual install on network sites to ensure each PC is upgraded and kept in step to prevent data being corrupted by accessing the forecast with different versions. 

  • How Do I? Questions 

Questions on how to use Forecast 5 are classed as consulting. This is chargeable, either on an as required basis or asked during the training courses ( 

  • Consulting 

Consultants are available to provide you expert advice and help you get a quick start or even set up forecast ready to use. Please contact us for estimated pricing. 

An experienced consultant will help you get set up tailor the solution to you specific requirements and make the process easy to enable a fast return on your investment