When trying to create a OTR report from Forecast 5, you are receiving the error below:



This can be due to a number of reasons:

1. The excel template you are trying to use is already open.

2. The forecast name contains characters that are invalid for an excel name.

3. You do not have permissions to write to the Documents path


Reason 1: Excel Is Open

1. Close all open excel templates and check no processes are running in the background. 

2. Try run the report again.

Reason 2: Invalid Characters

1. Check the forecast name does not contain any invalid characters, e.g. \ - / ? !

2. If you are unsure, create a new excel sheet, click Save As, then copy the forecast name as the excel name.

3. If you can save, then move to reason 3. If you can't save, remove any characters.

Reason 3: Permissions

2. In your Windows Explorer, Right-click on Documents and click on Properties:

2. Click on the Security tab and click Edit. Then, in the next window, click Add..

3. In the white box, type Everyone. Click Check Names and then Ok.

4. Click on Everyone, add Full Control to the Allow column, then click Ok.

4. Run the report again.