Activating Your Forecast 5 License

Once your copy of Forecast 5 has been installed, you will then need to activate your license.

1)Open Forecast 5. You should be prompted to license Forecast 5 upon opening.

2)If not, go to Help > Licensing.

3)Upon purchasing Forecast 5, you will be sent a welcome email with your Forecast 5 license details: 

E.g. Product key: FC5000                    Company Name: Forecast 5

NOTE: License details are case sensitive. They must be exactly as shown on the email

4) Enter these details into the appropriate fields and click Activate Online Now.

5) You will get the message below to confirm your successful registration.

6) Your copy of Forecast 5 is now ready to use.

NOTE: You can check your license details at any time by going to Help > Licensing