You receive the following error when trying to login to Forecast 5.

Forecast 5 cannot continue because of an exception occured.

Error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified.


This error indicates that Forecast 5 is unable to connect to the currently specified database.



Ensure that you are connected to the right database


1. Launch Forecast 5


2. From the login screen select Change SQL:


3. This will open the Change SQL tab and allow you to define the correct SQL server:


4. Select the SQL server you wish to connect to:


5. Select the Forecast 5 database you are trying to connect to and click ok:


6. If you do not have a Forecast 5 database created under your desired SQL server click close, and type in the desired database name (under Database Name), select Create Database click "update SQL server"



You should then be prompted to log in once the database has been successfully created.



Ensure that your SQL server is currently running

In some cases your SQL server might stop running causing the error to occur.


To confirm that it is running open the windows menu and search for Services/Local Services:


Scroll down until you find your SQL Server and make sure that its status is Running:


If it is showing as Stopped select your SQL server, right cclick on it and select Start