To simplify your transition to Forecast 5, we have provided an easy step-by-step guide on converting your spreadsheet to Forecast 5.

  1. Open the excel budget.
  2. Save as a new spreadsheet.
  3. In the saved spreadsheet remove all totals and subtotals.
  4. Open Forecast 5 and start a new forecast.
  5. Set all the setting and parameters to the right settings.
  6. Create all the same sections in the forecast.
  7. Export the record list from Forecast 5, found under Utilities.
  8. In the excel, insert a column in A.
  9. Paste the data from Forecast 5
  10. Now move each section heading to the correct place in the budget
  11. When all sections are correct then delete column A
  12. Select the entire sheet – if there is values in column B to M for each month they will be imported as well.
  13. In Forecast 5, go to Utilities > Import > Record Details.
  14. In Forecast 5, edit each record to the correct type and function required
  15. Run the reports and check the results are as expected

Please note: These steps provided are generic guidelines for completing the conversion. 99% of the time these steps will work with no problems. However, some scenario or specifications may not be suitable for these steps and may cause the user to experience difficulties during the conversion. For assistance with these difficulties, one of our experience consultants can assist at the prevailing consulting rate. Please contact us on