To simplify the transition from Sage Winforecast to Forecast 5, we have provided an easy step-by-step guide on converting your Sage Winforecast forecast to Forecast 5.

To convert a Sage Winforecast into Forecast 5


a) Open Winforecast and the forecast you want to convert.

b) List down all the sections in the forecast.

c) Open Forecast 5

         a. Create the same sections in forecast 5 ensure they are the correct type (e.g. Sales or Costs etc)

        b. Amend all the settings e.g. parameters and defaults, to required value

d)  Switch back to Winforecast.

e)  Right click in a grey area and export the record list to the clipboard

f)   Switch to the forecast 5 forecast and select import record list

g)  All records should be imported

h)  Now work through the records and edit the record types to the required settings

Please note: These steps provided are generic guidelines for completing the conversion. 99% of the time these steps will work with no problems. However, some scenario or specifications may not be suitable for these steps and may cause the user to experience difficulties during the conversion. For assistance with these difficulties, one of our experience consultants can assist at the prevailing consulting rate. Please contact us on