If you have a single computer license and would like to move Forecast 5 to a new computer or you no longer want Forecast 5 activated on a particular machine, follow these steps:

Option One:

1) Open Forecast 5. Go to Help. From the Help menu, select Licensing.

2) Take note of the Product Key and Company name. These will be used to activate your next computer.

Click Deactivate.

3) You will get a message and the license will be removed.


Option Two:

1) If for some reason, option one fails, try this one. Go to this path on your computer:

C:\ProgramData\Forecast5 And find the FRCST5 file.

2) Copy this file into an email and send to Forecast 5 Support.

3) The Support Team will manually deactivate your license and email you.


Option Three

1) If you are unable to open Forecast 5 on the old computer, contact Forecast 5 Support.

2) Email to support@forecast5.com advising of your situation and they will deactive your license.