I would like to backup my forecasts.



The are currently two ways to make copies of your Forecasts in case something happens.

Option One:

The first way is within Forecast 5 from the "Open Forecast" screen.

Select the Forecast you wish to export and click on the "Export Forecast" button

You will then be able to save the individual Forecast in a desired location.


Option Two:

The second way is to take a backup of the entire Forecast 5 database.

This is done via the Microsoft SQL Management Studio. A full list of SQLMS downloads can be found here.

From within SQL Management Studio locate your Forecast 5 Database, by default this is called "Forecast5v3_2015".

Once you have found your F5 database, right click on the database and select Tasks > Backup.

You will then need to select a location to save your backup:

Click Add to define your save location.

Next select the [. . .] to  browse to a location


Once you have a location and file name, Click Ok.

The backup will complete.