Downloaded and installed Forecast 5 and you aren't sure where to start?

We have provided a sample data that will help you see most of the features and benefits that Forecast 5 has to offer.

Import the Sales Demo data found in the program installer files - Head to this path and look for the XML file called Sale Demo - C:\Program Files\Forecast 5 Ltd\Forecast5 3.0


Here is a quick explanation of the data you will see:

Sales: A section - being a group of records, in this case; sales records.

Forecast 5 Sales: Uses Calculate from units; for example in the Forecast 5 sales record

Annual Subscription: Uses percentage of sales

Other Sales: Uses a formula referenced to memo records (found at the bottom of the list being KPI Sales From Memo Calculations).

Direct Costs: A costs sections.

Stock and Stock on Hand: Showing manufacturing, wages, overheads and a stock component

Overheads: Section

Rates & Water: An accrual/prepaid record - note the options.

Labour Costs: A wages record which uses an employee record to set up individuals and groups, calculate PAYE, bonus and pensions.

Bank accounts: There are three bank accounts including a USD bank account. Note the transfers and currency options.

Fixed Assets: Add new assets, purchase, depreciate, dispose and finance and more.

Loans: Set up loans and repayments.

Other Assets: For everything else. We have already done the bank, debtors, GST, stock, accruals, fixed assets and loan so this allows for many other assets and liabilities.

Capital: Enter reserves and changes – share capital is entered in the opening balance sheet screen.

Forecast Records: These records are the system records, the calculated balances and tax etc.


You can add records, sections and folders, extend years, save a copy, start actuals, do rolling projections, What-if and much more.

Many features are there to be discovered. Select the report tab for the integrated Profit & Loss, Cashflow and Balance sheet with Funds flow report and supporting schedules e.g. fixed assets.

See also the budget, actuals and rolling reports.

Good luck with your trial and feel free to contact us at or