If you have a Single Computer License and you change computers, there are two ways to do keep your forecasts:

Method 1: For those using Localdb - Moving the Data Folder

  1. On your old PC, go to C:\ProgramData\Forecast 5 Ltd - please note this is ProgramDATA, not program files.
  2. Copy the Data folder to a usb disk. If it is too large, send the folder to be zipped.
  3. Once you have installed, registered and run Forecast 5 on the new PC, plug the USB disk into your new computer.
  4. Copy the Data folder from the USB to the path: C:\ProgramData\Forecast 5 Ltd.
  5. Replace the current data folder. Note: If you have zipped the folder, ensure you have unzipped it and there is only one level to the .mdf files.
  6. Open and run Forecast 5.

Method 2: Can be done with both Localdb and SQL - SQL Backup.

  1. Download SQL Management Studio (on both computers)


  2. Open up the SQL Management Studio on original machine
  3. Connect to the SQL server (for localdb, the server name is (LocalDB)\MSSQLLocalDB)
  4. Go to your Forecast 5 Database, by default, named Forecast5V3_2015.
  5. Right click on the database, scroll down to Tasks, select Backup.
  6. Take the backup.
  7. Save the backup a to a USB disk.
  8. Connect the USB disk to new computer.
  9. On the new computer, open the SQL management studio.
  10. Connect to the SQL server (for localdb, the server name is (LocalDB)\MSSQLLocalDB)
  11. Right click on the Databases folder and click Restore Database.
  12. Restore the backup from the USB disk


Please be aware that if you do not have the experience or knowledge to complete this, Forecast 5 support team can assist. However, some queries may be chargeable.